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Another cosplay update

I'm pretty lazy keeping up my live journal but I'm trying to update it atleast once a week. I've got lots of things going on. Trying to get a last minute cosplay done in less then a week. Or about 3 days to be exact. This Friday is Natsucon. My other two cosplays are done, just finishing up this last one.

My last minute cosplay is Minako from Persona 3 Portable for the psp. I love Persona and she's a simple enough character to do. And I don't need a wig, I can use my own hair so money saved already. Yay! I haven't played Portable, but I've palyed Persona 3. Need to finish it, I got far but we have so many games that I'll play another game with out already finishing the one I was playing before. >.<

Any way, I just finished hemming the skirt tonight and I just have to wait to get stuff to make the SEES armband and the little patch for the blazer. I decided I'm probably not going to further alter the blazer other then the patch and the armband because I don't want to mess it up and then not be able to wear it for Natsu. But I do have a few option I was thinking of doing to the blazer but I don't know yet, I'll have to pin it together and see if it would work. If I knew how to install an "invisible" zipper I would, but I don't or I'd do that.

Also, check out my photobucket. It's my cosplay gallery so my previous and current cosplay photos will be on there. Even though I need to upload more of my cosplay pics. I've had to upload them to a million different cosplay sites and such I've been a bit lazy in uploading them there. But there should be a few atleast.


So once Friday comes up I'm going to be gone until Sunday, though I don't think we're leaving for Natsu until the afternoon since Natsu doesn't start till between 3:30pm and 4:00pm. And I know our check in time is 3pm even though you can normally check in early if they have rooms ready.

I think that should be that for now.

It's Been A While

I probably haven't posted since last year when I was still living with my ex in Texas. Alot has changed since then. Also, I have too many thing to upkeep so I kinda forgot about my LJ because I have a million different cosplay things to upkeep. But, gonna try to upkeep this one a little more often, atleast once a week so this isn't so much behind every thing.

Any hoo, not all that much going on at the moment. I went to Anime St. Louis this year (2011). Got a new bf which I love to death and he's so nice and sweet and not a jerk like my last one. We live together and he's a cosplayer otaku nerd as me. But I don't think as "hardcore" as I am about cosplay. But he is with every thing else like video games and anime.

I cosplayed Misa Amane from Death Note at ASTL.

My up coming cosplays for Natsucon are Misa Amane again and my OC Kasumi Fukuda. I had planned on taking my summoner Yuna cosplay, but it's not done and I'm not going to have the time or money to put the finishing touches on it so I'll probably wear it for next year. Basically all I needed is to make her staff, which I will, and her earring, and fix the obi which was too small for me to wear with the bow.

I've got one more cosplay after that I had planned for Halloween, but I might not be here because I'm leaving for 3 weeks to go over seas to visit my family. This is in October and I don't know exact dates yet so I could easily miss Halloween. Which I hope I don't. But any way, the cosplay I had planned for Halloween is Reita from The GazettE. I'm buying the outfit and I'm planning on cutting my hair cut and dyed like his and then I have to buy a compression shirt to smoosh my boobs flat. lol

One of my next cosplays I want to work on between this year and next year is Cho Chang from Harry Potter, and also making a Hogwarts student uniform for my OC Kasumi. I'm actually going to do one of those sorting hat test things online to decide what house to put her in. And thus, what uniform to make her.


I'm currently trying out for a band in Cali, but I really don't know how that's going to go. Mostly, if I made it I was going to do practice by web cam and such any way. But I really have no idea if this is going to go through or not.

I really would like to find a band or people interested in forming a jrock vkei band in my town preferably or some one willing to drive to meet up since I live about an hour north of Houston I think. But basically, I also wanted to be a cover band as well, cover jrock, anime songs.

Any hoo, here are some of my favorite jrock bands and kind of some of my influences as well.

The GazettE - Definately Ruki.
L'Arc En Ciel - Hyde (I know some people are a bit controversial on L'Arc being jrock. But some jrock bands are pretty mello.)
Alice Nine - Hm...I would definitely have to think on it. lol It's not nessisarily the vocalist that's my influence if that makes any sense. lol
Miyavi - Well...Miyavi. He is a bad ass mo fo.
Asian Kung Fu Generation
Aural Vampire - Exo Chika
D'espairs Ray
Gackt - Mostly when Gackt was in his old band Malice Mizer which I miss...I don't like the new vocalist much. All though I do like his jpoppy stuff.
T.M. Revolution - Yes, yes, I know he's jpop but he's the very first Japanese artist I ever listened to and he inspired me to want to become a Japanese singer. And strangely the yaoi manga Gravitation inspired me too. lol Don't ask.

There's more but I think this will do for now.

Basically Takanori Nishikawa (T.M. Revolution), Gackt, and Miyavi were the very first Japanese bands that I listened to and helped inspire me to want to sing in Japanese whether it be jrock or jpop. And I mostly liked jpop more before I got into vkei and all that.

Also, here is my youtube, I have a few covers I did on my youtube. Really only L'Arc and T.M. Revolution, but the L'Arc one has the best sound quality of my voice since it's just my voice and no music. Any way, thanks for looking and hope to here from any one since I don't know how this Cali band thing is going to go down since I live farish away from there.


Lolita Tea Party Event

I really want to do a lolita gathering and I thought a tea party would be cute. If I get this together I probably won't host it until next summer. I don't know when a good date would be since I don't want it to be during any major cons, but I suppose I could look that up and do my best. Plus I'll have some time to put some lolita outfits together since all my money at the moment is going to cosplay.

I think that I'm going to do an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party. I'm thinking maybe I'll design a red queen inspired lolita dress. And animal themes I think would be appropriate like cats and bunnies. I'm getting all excited about this.

Any way, maybe in the future or some thing we should hold a fund raiser to buy things for the party or accept donation of money and tea pots and things like that because I don't know if I could afford all the tea and snacks and every thing myself. It would be nice to have people pitch in. And I'm not saying any one is stingy. But really it depends on the size of the gathering. If it was small it wouldn't be a big deal because I'd feel bad if no one got any tea or snacks. But I would need help on a larger gathering.

I was thinking of maybe making cute invitation cards, but I could probably save money by just making some thing on photoshop. Though I suppose if I made my own cards if I wanted to make physical ones it would be cheap as well.

For the place, I really wanted to do it in a garden, kinda like in Alice in Wonderland. But I don't know a place yet or how much that would cost. I'll be researching things.

My Cosplay and Cons

Well, I'm only managing to go to one con this year, Oni-con in Houston. It sucks, but I just got a new, better job so now next year I'll be able to go to more, but I probably will only go to maybe 2 or 3 because I'm still trying to save up money. For a car... Unfortunately...

I'm only doing two cosplays since I really only have the money for two and unless I ordered them around the same time I wouldn't get them in time. But I'm doing Time Skip Yoko (jacket edition) from Gurren Lagenn and Miku Hatsune from Vocaloids. Just her default outfit. Though in the future I know I've seen some other costumes of hers that I like that I will definitely do. Like her EGL styled outfit and her Black Rock Shooter outfit. And she had a cute formal dress and a really cute nurse outfit I think. And I saw a maid one. lol The list literally would go on and on.

I also like Luka, Miki, and the one new Vocaloid which I can never remember her name. But I thought she was a Miku variation cause her hair is like Miku's, but red, spiraled, and short.

If I can go to Anime Matsuri next year which I'm hoping to. I was going to do another Vocaloid, but I might mix it up instead of doing another Miku costume maybe do Luka or Miki or the other one. lol

I've also got multiple original EGL designs that I've drawn. But I may just commission some one to make them for me since I really don't want to sew any thing with my shitty sewing machine since it fucked up when I was trying to sew with vinyl a while ago. So. I probably won't really sew any thing majorly important since I don't want to risk wasting fabric for some thing big. Especially if the fabric is expensive.

Oh, and I'll have to put my sketches up on here. I don't have all of them even scanned. But yeah. I have new ones in my head I haven't even drawn yet.

I already thought of some cute themes. Like I had this idea for a kawaii lolita styled dress and the theme was a baker. Maybe it sounds stupid but it looks really cute in my head. lol I had some other themes I hadn't drawn yet and I forgot. Though I had some really cute sailor lolita styles in my head. There alot of shit up there I need to draw before I forget. lol